I am a big believer in the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle. I was in private practice for 25 years and now I am in part-time practice in Colorado. Why struggle with the expense and time to have a certified coder and biller on the payroll staff? ENT Billing Associates does just what they say – ENT only. They are familiar with our codes and procedures. As everybody in the profession knows, we do multiple procedures, many bilateral, and in having the experienced coders that understand our procedures and will use proper modifiers ensures efficient billing the first time around.

I find the personnel at ENT Billing Associates to be highly professional and efficient. This allows me to sleep well at night.

I have known Jim Martin for many years. He is tops in the medical billing business. His team’s expert understanding of the billing process, and more specifically, its laser-like focus on ear, nose, and throat billing, has had a profound impact on the financial well-being of our practice.

Their understanding of the ins and outs of ENT coding and documentation is without peer, and it has translated into the maximum reimbursements for my work.

When my in-house billing manager of many years decided to move out-of-state, I was unable to find a replacement who possessed the experience and knowledge we needed. After meeting with ENT Billing Associates, it was evident that Jim Martin and his staff could add tremendous value to my practice.

Most refreshing, especially in these times, is their relentless commitment to doing quality work and satisfying the client.

Since Jim Martin and his staff started managing my accounts receivable seven years ago, I haven’t had one day of worry. ENT Billing Associates’ model of billing management for only the ENT specialty is the most effective system I’ve seen or heard of. The technology of the system allows us to have control of patient billing data in our office, without the overhead and hassle of owning and supporting our own in-house system. Reimbursements have grown too!

After practicing with large groups for many years, we decided to open our own private practice. ENT Billing Associates played a huge role in helping us make a smooth transition. In fact, the ENT Billing system has made what could have been a very painful process almost routine.

It came as no surprise to learn through our consultant that Jim Martin and his team are consistently doing an outstanding job with our accounts receivable.

Our Office is a busy, solo physician ENT practice in Santa Monica, California, since 1972. In 2014, we decided to switch our billing company to ENT Billing due to a lack of confidence in our former billing agency. When we first contacted Jim at ENT Billing, our collections were a mess, cash flow was a huge problem and our office was overwhelmed with patient billing calls. Now that we have been with ENT Billing, our collections have improved significantly, our cash flow has increased immensely, and we rarely need to field patient billing-related calls. ENT Billing is the most professional, timely, and outstanding billing company we have EVER worked with. Their staff is professional, accessible and extremely knowledgeable. Our staff feels empowered and confident about asking billing questions because we can call someone like Brian or Cindy at ENT Billing and receive an accurate, reliable answer to questions or concerns. We highly recommend ENT Billing and we are very grateful for their outstanding service.

Our ENT group was reorganizing and unsure of our financial future. We had been doing our own billing for years and we suspected that it was not working for us. We looked at several options for billing companies. In retrospect, our best financial decision was to have ENT Billing take over our billing.

ENT Billing has been an extension of our practice. When we were disorganized they pitched-in with every aspect of billing. We were able to keep the revenue stream, even when our staffing was floundering. Now that we have a focused office staff, ENT Billing is a ready resource for specific questions.

ENT Billing has gone to great efforts to train our staff to use their system. They have also reviewed coding regulations with our doctors. When we asked for feedback on our coding, they arranged it. I could not imagine a more responsive billing service.

I contracted with ENT Billing Associates two years ago. Since the day that they took over the billing, all of my billing issues were gone. I no longer have to look at the data (unless I want to). They have allowed me to concentrate on my patient care rather than EOB’s. They are extremely efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly. I would highly recommend out-sourcing ENT Billing with this company.

I have used ENT Billing over the last few years, and have been extremely satisfied with their service. Our office has done billing utilizing our own billing software, as well as utilizing other billing companies. By far, ENT Billing has provided the best service, with the highest collection rate and the most efficiency of any system we have utilized.

ENT Billing has the advantage of specializing in the field of otolaryngology, and thus is aware of all the codes, regulations and pitfalls of billing for ENT procedures and office visits. Our accounts receivable are in excellent shape, with aged accounts receivable showing accounts over 90 days as less than 10% of our total collectables. Clearly, we are quite satisfied with the services provided by ENT Billing.