Specialization in Otolaryngology Billing

ENT Billing Associates is the FIRST billing company to specialize in the services recognized by the Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. Concentrating on one specialty enables our company to stay on the cutting edge of insurance industry reimbursement trends and industry changes.

Through servicing ENT physicians only, we have the ability to develop and collect critical data across our client databases. This data can be very helpful to our clients in the areas of compliance, contract negotiation, and with the academy.

Focusing on ENT billing enables our coding and billing staff to finely hone their skills in the art and nuances of Otolaryngology billing.

Proven System for Otolaryngology Billing

Our system has a simple goal: Maximize our Ear, Nose and Throat clients’ reimbursements. Based on over 21 years of otolaryngology billing experience and physician office consulting, the ENT Billing team has an in depth understanding of health care reimbursements. We have tapped this expertise to develop a process that is simple and highly effective.

This system involves a partnership with your office. We will help identify weaknesses in your staff’s knowledge base that may be hindering your ability to maximize reimbursement. We look at these as areas of opportunity and treat them as training issues. We also establish some key areas of accountability that directly affect your bottom line.

Another integral component of our system is surgical coding. All surgeries are coded from the operative reports. This approach provides multiple benefits. By coding this way, we make sure we code for everything that was done, provide feedback to our clients regarding any dictation deficiencies there may be in their operative reports, as well as protect our clients from Fraud and Abuse.

As EOBs come into our office they are reviewed by our staff for rejections, insurance company bundling, and inaccurate reimbursement. Based on this we can then take immediate action. One of the greatest strengths our system has is the resources for appeals. When appropriate we will appeal claims utilizing our library of reference materials and your individual input.